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ROL International School operates Daycare and Preschool facilities on two locations, Mbweni and Mbezibeach Africana. We provide a range of fun learning activities and quality childcare on both full/part-time basis for children aged 2-5 years old. Our settings are specifically designed to meet the needs of children endowed with large, bright open rooms, creative outdoor play areas, and a variety of equipment hence providing children with a stimulating environment in which to thrive. Our loving and caring teachers are enthusiastic and happy to be part of the wonderful process of giving children the magical childhood they deserve.

At ROL, ‘every child’ matters! We work towards ensuring that your child: is healthy; stays safe; enjoys and achieves; makes a positive contribution and; builds skills for the future.

We have a strong inclusion policy and firmly believe in the rights of every child to acquire life skills and knowledge in order to become responsible global citizens.  Our team works towards identifying the learning needs of individual children and set learning objectives with close supervision.  We work in partnerships with parents to ensure positive outcomes are realized and that learners are fully integrated into our community.

We welcome parents’ valuable suggestions to serve children better.


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Our Term Dates-2023/2024 Enrollment Currently Ongoing
Term 1   28th August – 8th December 2023
Mid Term  20th – 21st October 2023
Term 2  8th Jan 2024 – 7th Apr 2024
Mid Term  16th – 17th Feb 2024
Term 3  24th Apr – 14th Jul 2024
Mid Term  1st -2nd June 2024

If you are looking for a safe and stimulating environment in which children are loved and cherished then consider us.   We make learning and growing up to be fun.


 Saturday Fun from 9:30 am to 12 pm at Mbezi campus, all are welcome.

Calendar of  Events  

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 FUN SATURDAYS - Every Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm